Heart attack patient thanks lifesavers

A HOSPITAL patient has today thanked medics for the “amazing” care he received after he was suddenly suffered a heart attack.

A HOSPITAL patient has today thanked medics for the “amazing” care he received after he was suddenly suffered a heart attack.

Lenny Jay, who spent a week in Ipswich Hospital's Claydon Ward, revisited doctors and nurses to show his gratitude to everyone involved in his recovery.

He was joined by wife Maureen, son Steven and daughter Tracey.

Until last month 71-year-old Mr Jay hadn't been to hospital since the mid-50s, when he was hit by an errant football while serving in the army.

He said: “I had been as fit as a fiddle until just before Christmas when I had some chest pain but I just put it down to a chest infection or heartburn and thought it would wear off.”

But when he woke wife Maureen at 5am complaining of breathing difficulty, she knew something was wrong and immediately phoned her daughter, Tracey Lucock.

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She said: “He sat up on the end of the bed. He was grey and sweating.”

Mrs Lucock rushed to her parents' Cliff Lane home and dialled 999. Within minutes paramedics arrived and were soon followed by an ambulance.

When Mr Jay made it to hospital he was made comfortable, having weakened during the ambulance journey. He was given oxygen, fitted with a heart monitor and given round-the-clock care for the next seven days.

Mr Jay said: “I can't thank them enough - even the cleaning ladies and the cooks.

“I couldn't wish for better care.

“The paramedics were also very good and got up to the hospital as soon as they could. One of them even came to see me on his day off.”

Mrs Jay added: “He needs to learn how to slow down a bit and he's not allowed to set the alarm clock anymore!” Emily Joughlin, a staff nurse, said: “He was an absolute pleasure to look after. Though he was very sick, he was the perfect patient.

“His family have been very loving and very caring throughout.”

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