Help needed to solve allotment mystery

ALLOTMENT holders have appealed to the people of Ipswich to help solve an intriguing mystery.

Tom Potter

ALLOTMENT holders have appealed to the people of Ipswich to help solve an intriguing mystery.

Veg-growing friends at London Road allotments have been scratching their heads since finding a dusty old photo and a British Red Cross certificate in an unused shed.

The old items, which date back to the late 50s, were uncovered during a clean-up of the allotments and now the plot-holders who found them want to track down their rightful owner.

Paul Maguire, 46, of Dombey Road, has been on the allotment since 2000.

He said: “It was early last year when we were clearing bramble and cutting it back. We found an old shed among it and went in to clear out any rubbish.

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“There was an old biscuit tin and inside was this photo which must have dated back to the 50s. Behind the photo was the Red Cross certificate with a name and date on it.”

The photo shows seven men posing proudly with an array of awards in front of them. The certificate reveals that on November 13, 1957, Josephine Smith was enrolled as a member of the British Junior Red Cross.

Mr Maguire said: “I asked a few people if they knew anything about it but no one had a clue.

“We recognised the awards in the photo as being the annual allotment awards which have been held in Ipswich since the war.

“We'd like to know if she is still around town or if anyone knew who she was.”

Are you Josephine Smith? Do you know anyone in the photo? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN, or e-mail

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