Hentastic! Matilda is world champ, says Ipswich man

IPSWICH: How about this for a cracking feat? A chicken from the town has laid an egg which could be the biggest in the world.

Mark Cornish was astonished to find that his chicken Matilda had laid the giant object – which is six times heavier than normal eggs.

The egg, which was laid on Monday, measures 90mm in length, has a circumference of 210mm and weighs 120 grams.

A normal egg is around 60mm, with a circumference of 140mm and weighs in at only 20 grams.

Mr Cornish, 36, said: “My eyes popped out of my head when I first saw it. I couldn’t believe it.

“It’s just ridiculous to look at – anyone would think it’s a goose egg, it’s that big.

“My first thought was whether Matilda was ok after laying such a huge egg – but she seems completely nonplussed by it all!

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“We’ve been checking websites to try and find a comparison and so far the eggs we’ve found are all smaller – I’m curious to find out if a bigger one has ever been laid.

“The egg itself is really delicate and has a wafer-thin shell. I’m keeping it safe for now but we may have to eat it eventually.

“I’m quite proud of Matilda and if we can’t find a record of a bigger egg anywhere then maybe we’ll have to contact the Guinness Book of records.”

Mr Cornish and his partner Denise Bartram, 42, have kept four chickens – Matilda, Phyllis, Polly and Aida - in the garden of their home in Temple Road for the past six months.

The purebred animals, which roam free during the day, are fed on a diet of peelings and wheat.

Matilda, a well-summer dark tanned Dutch breed chicken, was given her name because Mrs Bartram felt it sounded unusual.

The other chickens are named after members of Mr Cornish’s and Miss Bartram’s families. Mr Cornish added: “We decided to get chickens because we quite fancied the idea of having our own eggs on a regular basis.

“More and more people are doing the same – it’s a good way of cutting costs to beat the credit crunch.

“We’ve certainly not been feeding Matilda anything unusual lately – so I’ve no idea where it came from.

“I suppose they each lead a happy life so maybe Matilda was just feeling pleased with herself!

“It’s only the fourth egg she’s ever laid and her first in two weeks. She must have been saving up for it.”

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