Hole lot of trouble – just as school opens for new term

IPSWICH: Motorists and pedestrians found themselves in a hole lot of bother today after a massive chasm opened up in the road.

The ground gave way under the pavement outside Sidegate Primary School yesterday afternoon – a day before pupils were due to walk that stretch as they return for the new year.

Headteacher Andrew Waterman fired out text messages to all parents warning them of the danger as mystified workmen tried to establish the cause.

Mr Waterman said: “It was quite startling to see this huge hole. I phoned Ipswich Borough Council’s highways department and they responded superbly.

“They had someone up within half an hour, had the area fenced off and had a plan to deal with it. I have texted every family to ask them to take particular care when they come to school.”

Part of the pavement and the road in Sidegate Lane collapsed at around 2pm leaving a hole about the size of a car in the earth below. The site was cordoned off and temporary traffic lights put in place as investigations got under way.

A resident, who lives opposite, said: “It must be dangerous, particularly when the children come back. That is probably why there is such urgency about it.”

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An Ipswich Borough Council spokesman said the repairs could continue “into next week”.

He added: “It won’t be a quick fix. It is not clear what has caused this, but one of the possibilities is something to do with the sewage system.

“It could be anything, so we are keeping our options open at this stage. School will continue as normal, but we would advise everyone to take extra care.”

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