Holy smoke! Man finds Jesus in piece of

A Chantry man today claimed a piece of plastic found in his back garden contains an image of Jesus - and may also have special powers.

IPSWICH: A Chantry man today claimed a piece of plastic found in his back garden contains an image of Jesus - and may also have special powers.

Chris Nash, 27, says that since making the shock discovery his health and career prospects have mysteriously taken a turn for the better.

The father-of-one now plans to sell the intriguing object on auction website eBay to see if it really does have extraordinary powers.

Mr Nash found the object lying on his garden lawn on Friday and couldn't believe his eyes.

He said: “The object caught my eye straight away. It's tiny - about the size of your thumb.

“I looked at it and thought 'blimey, that looks just like Jesus Christ'. It was a really surreal moment.

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“The image isn't clear close up but if you move backwards it all comes together. I've shown it to my mates and they all think it's freaky.

“You hear about these sorts of things every now and again but it's not the sort of thing you expect to happen to yourself.”

Mr Nash added that after finding the object, his life started to take a turn for the better.

“I had a cold over Christmas but since Friday it's completely cleared up,” he added.

“I was also on a probation period for a new job at work and this week my boss told me I had got the job.

“Generally I feel as if I have more energy than usual. All these things could be coincidence but it does seem strange.

“I'm going to stick it on eBay and see what happens. If it really does have special powers than someone in more need than me may come forward.”

It's not the first time that an unusual discovery has been made in Ipswich - back in 1999, Robbie Warner of Dales Road found an image of the alien E.T in a tree trunk.

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Holy moly! Unusual sightings of Jesus:

One family were convinced they could see the face of Jesus on the lid of a jar of Marmite.

Claire Allen, 36, said she was the first to notice the image on the underside of the lid as she was putting the yeast spread on her son's toast.

Her husband Gareth, 37, said he could not believe his eyes when he saw it. Mr Allen, of Ystrad, Rhondda, said: "The kids are still eating it, but we kept the lid."

An image of Jesus was spotted on a Pringle by a clergyman's daughter-in-law from Florida. She refused to eat the Messianic munchie and stored it in a jar instead.

Pittsburgh resident Jeffrey Rigo found Jesus after climbing out of a shower in 2005. He also discovered the need for costly home repairs thanks to a water-stained piece of plaster.

Mr Rigo cut out the plaster with the image of Christ on it and put it on eBay with the description “a section of plaster wall bearing the apparent face of the son of God”. It sold for $2,000.

When Canadian Fred Wan left his fish-sticks cooking for too long, he spotted a familiar face on his burnt dinner.

He kept the holy fish-stick in his freezer for three years before putting it on eBay.