Holywells: Historic tree fails to withstand high winds

IT WAS the end of an era as a magnificent 150-year-old tree fell to the ground.

It is thought a combination of fungi and last week’s gale force winds caused the copper beech’s sad demise.

Ipswich Borough councillor Liz Harsant noticed the tree, which has been a centre point of Holywells Park had toppled. She said: “It was rather amazing to go for my usual walk in Holywells Park to see the magnificent copper beech on the ground.

“I am told that it was at least 150 years old, if not older, and that the fungi together with the high winds caused it to fall.

“It was such a beautiful tree and will be greatly missed by all of us.”

However the same day the tree fell, another copper beech was laying its roots into the park’s soil, which Holywells ward councillor Mrs Harsant described as a “nice twist to the tale”.

A family, who used to live in the area, planted a sapling copper beech in memory of their son.

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Mrs Harsant added: “The family used to live locally and their son loved Holywells Park but sadly died not so long ago.

“They asked if they could plant a tree in his memory and this was done on the very same day that our old copper beech went down.

“We hope that the tree will grow into the magnificent tree that we have lost and that his memory will last forever.”