Home at last for recovering Vicki

BRAVE teenager Vicki Kelcher is today back home and beginning to rebuild her life having spent the last three and a half months confined to a hospital bed.

BRAVE teenager Vicki Kelcher is today back home and beginning to rebuild her life having spent the last three and a half months confined to a hospital bed.

Crash victim Vicki was full of smiles and said it was great to be back home with her family but admitted she was not finding getting back to normal life easy.

"It's a huge relief to be back home and it's great to have my independence back.

"It's hard work though but I am adapting slowing and managing ok.

"It takes me ages to get up the stairs but I get there in the end."

Vicki, 16, suffered serious injuries including a crushed pelvis and broken leg and doctors said a weaker person wouldn't have survived the ordeal.

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The former Deben High pupil was crushed against a brick wall on Garrison Lane, Felixstowe, when a car driven by town businessman Peter Whalley left the road and ploughed into her.

Vicki of Chaucer Road, Felixstowe, finally had the pins, which held her pelvis together, removed last week and was discharged by doctors the following day.

"I was so bored and fed up that I asked the doctors if I could go home and thankfully they agreed."

"I am on plenty of painkillers and luckily don't feel any pain or discomfort."

Vicki is now enjoying her new-found freedom with the help of crutches and says the best thing about being home is sleeping in her own bed and going out and about with friends.

"I was in hospital for such a long time, that seeing everybody again is really weird.

"I am not allowed out on my own yet and have to have someone with me but it's been great catching up with all my mates.

"My brother has been brilliant and is acting as my bodyguard.

"When I can walk unaided I will be free to go out alone," said Vicki.

Vicki's brother Andrew, 14, said: "It's great having my sister home and I have really missed not having her around."

Although Vicki is looking forward to the day she goes out on her own, she admits she will be rather nervous and anxious.

"I am paranoid when I walk along the pavement and do find it worrying and difficult, but hopefully it will get better with time."

There is still plenty of hard work ahead of Vicki before she can back to life the way it used to be before the horrific accident on December 8 that wrecked her life.

Later this year Vicki is hoping to learn to drive and is also looking forward to being a bridesmaid at her cousin's wedding.

She is now an outpatient at Ipswich Hospital and has to have regular physiotherapy sessions to help her on her road to full recovery.

Sometime after Easter, Vicki hopes to return to Suffolk College where she will continue with her childcare studies.

Felixstowe businessman, Whalley, 35, of Princes Gardens will appear before Ipswich Crown Court on April 5.

He has been charged with dangerous driving, drink driving and careless driving.

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