Home is not home anymore for Duane Cook’s children after death of the Ipswich father

Four of
Duane Cook's children Gemma, jasmine, Kelley, and dean and granddaughter Evie-Mya

Four of Duane Cook's children Gemma, jasmine, Kelley, and dean and granddaughter Evie-Mya

Tears are wreathed with smiles as Duane Cook’s children spoke movingly about their father and the memories he left them.

Duane's daughter Sian

Duane's daughter Sian

The 42-year-old was father to Sian, 21, Jamie and Kelley both 19, Jasmine and Dean both 17, and Gemma, eight.

Duane died after a motorcycle accident in Felixstowe Road, Ipswich last week.He was also the devoted grandfather of Evie-Mya and Kyle, who are both aged six months and will only ever know Duane through the stories they hear from their family.

Dean said: “Home is not home anymore.”

His sister Kelley added: “We have lost a dad and a granddad. We’ve lost everything.”

Duane Cook (right) with his dad Barry

Duane Cook (right) with his dad Barry

Jasmine simply said: “He was irreplaceable.”

Explaining what her sister meant, Kelley said: “It is a forever and always kind of thing. He is not here, but it’s as if he is and always will be.

“The day we lost him is the day we lost our family. A significant person has gone and it’s like a missing piece.” Jamie and Sian now live in Basildon. Both were anxious to say how much they loved their father.

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Jamie said: “My dad was good man with a good sense of humour and a heart of gold.

Duane Cook's son Jamie and grandson Kyle

Duane Cook's son Jamie and grandson Kyle

“Everyone could get along with him. He was a big family man that loved all his kids and family. He was my wonderful dad and my world.

“He didn’t deserve this. In just one split-second he has been taken from all our lives.

“He will be forever loved and missed.

“I love you forever and always dad, one day I will see you again and give you a big hug.

Sian said: “I’ve always been a daddy’s girl ever since I was little.

“My dad was my whole world and the first man I ever really loved.

“He had a contagious laugh and I loved to see him smile.

“He was an amazing dad to all of his kids.

“A true family man, and an amazing man in general.

“I don’t think we will ever understand why he was taken from us or come to believe that he is truly gone,

“I’m gutted he won’t be able to have the opportunity to walk me down the aisle when I get married or watch his grandchildren grow up.

“I know he will be forever in our hearts and always looking down on us, but all I want is to see him again, hear his voice, to give him a massive hug and to never let him go. Words can’t describe how much I miss him, If only there was a stairway to heaven. I love you to infinity and beyond dad – always and forever.”