Homes bid prompts flooding fears

A GROUP of neighbours today blasted proposals to build two new houses in their street.

A GROUP of neighbours today blasted proposals to build two new houses in their street.

Residents of Campion Road and Speedwell Road, in Ipswich, claim any development would aggravate the risk of flooding after heavy rainfall and would create an eyesore for those living nearby.

The borough council, which has proposed the building of two affordable semi-detached homes on a green space between the roads, says all objections will be considered before a decision is reached over the application.

Campion Road resident Philip Baldry, 56, believes the existing drainage system is already inadequate in his neighbourhood.

“During heavy rain the gardens always suffer a degree of flooding,” he said.

“Our main concern is that we already have a problem with the sewers overflowing when it rains heavily.

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“This problem will only be made worse if another two houses are built here.”

Mr Baldry also raised concerns over the appearance of any proposed buildings next to his house, saying: “Those houses will be overlooked and will be an eyesore for everyone living nearby.

“The majority of my neighbours in Campion Road and Speedwell Road support the objection.”

However, Anglian Water dismissed his claims over flooding.

A spokeswoman said: “Waste water flows from two houses will be of no significance and any surface water will be negligent.

“A sustainable urban drainage system would prevent any proposed development from exacerbating main water flooding.”

A borough council spokesman said planners were in the consultation period and a decision was yet to be made.

He added: “Any objections will be considered.”

Members of the public are invited to inspect copies of the application at the Town Hall until Monday and any representations can be made by writing to Planning, Transport and Regeneration, Grafton House, 15-17 Russell Road, Ipswich, IP1 2DE.

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