Renewed plans to turn offices near Waterfront into six flats

Archibald House, at 50 - 56 Wykes Bishop Street, Ipswich

Archibald House, at 50 - 56 Wykes Bishop Street, Ipswich - Credit: Google Street View

Plans have been put forward for a second time to turn offices near the Waterfront in Ipswich into six flats. 

Developer Archie Properties has tried to address the three reasons that the development of Archibald House at 50 to 56 Wykes Bishop Street was refused by Ipswich Borough Council. 

Planners thought the ground floor flats would not be above flood level, had no place to keep bikes, and noted some areas of the building would not have natural light.

Archie Properties has tried to combat these issues by planning to keep rooms and spaces within four metres of a window. 

It also wants to retain five of the office blocks parking spaces, and said there are 13 spaces for bikes.

The Environment Agency's flood warning has also been addressed, the developer claims, by further raising the first floor. 

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