Plans for 440 homes and visitor centre in Ipswich Garden Suburb submitted

Further planning statements have been submitted to IBC concerning the homes to be built west of Westerfield Road.

Further planning statements have been submitted to Ipswich Borough Council concerning the proposed 815 homes to be built west of Westerfield Road. - Credit: Google Maps

Plans have been submitted for 440 homes on the northern fringe of the town as part of the Ipswich Garden Suburb development.

The major housing development in Westerfield Road have been submitted by Bellway and include proposals to provide additional land for a new primary school and for an expansive new village green. 

The development would be located to the south of Westerfield Railway Station and to the west of Westerfield Road - land designated for development within the new Ipswich Garden Suburb.   

Richard Burrows, managing director of Bellway Essex, said: “Our development will help to progress the council’s vision for the garden suburb. These homes would make up a significant proportion of the 3,500 expected to be built there." 

The site will include, among others, a community hall, café and terrace area, as well as, a car park. 

The Ipswich Garden Suburb will add between 3,000 to 3,500 homes across three neighbourhoods. 

Alongside the homes plan, a reserved matter application has been submitted for the vistior centre and associated works.

The visitor centre at Henley Gate will include new homes, community facilities and a country park.  

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The centre will provide amenities for both visitors and the local community and will comprise a café, meeting rooms, car and cycle parking that are going to be accessible for all members of the public. 

The indoor space and parkland setting will become a hub for activity within the new community when it is established and will offer a more informal social setting. 

The site is currently agricultural land and has not previously been developed. 

The visitor centre site will be located close to an existing green corridor which is proposed to be retained. 

Mr Burrow added: “Bellway has a proven track record of creating major developments which deliver hundreds of homes in a sustainable manner. There will be significant investment in local services, a boost to local employment and affordable housing available for shared ownership or low-cost rent. 

“The new school will be important to cater for the needs of the new community, while the village green will provide an outdoor space for people to meet.  

“Our plans also include new cycle routes and footpaths to link the development to its surroundings and encourage sustainable transport.”