Plans for 9 bungalows in Copdock revisited with fresh application


A decision on the plans is expected in August. - Credit: Archant

Fresh plans for nine bungalows in Copdock have been submitted to planners after permission for earlier agreed proposals expired.

The project submitted to Babergh District Council by Ponder Construction centres around land off Old London Road.

Planning permission for the site was originally granted in February 2019, but the consent expired in February of this year.

The project is made up of two-bedroom and three-bedroom bungalows.

Councillor David Busby said: "There have been a couple of previous applications for this site both of which were approved – the last being for a similar size and mix. 

"Having said that I was surprised that permission was granted given that these bungalows will be a long way from the village centre bringing into question their sustainability. 

"That apart, it is good to see a small-scale development of bungalows."

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The planning, design and access statement for the scheme, prepared by JCN design and planning, says: "Development of the site will not harm the character of the surrounding area and will deliver multiple benefits, including management of surface water, improving walking and cycling routes in the village, and delivering a net gain in biodiversity through the creation of new habitat.

"By using a site where residential development has already been found to be acceptable and by proposing for a second time a scheme that was deemed to deliver high-quality design, the proposed scheme is consistent with national and local planning policy and there are no adverse impacts that would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits of the scheme.

"The proposal for nine bungalows will make efficient use of land available for development, create a scheme with a sense of place and deliver new homes to support the existing services and facilities in Copdock and Washbrook."

A decision on the plans is expected in August.