Developer criticised for 'failing to meet obligations'

Ribbans Park was developed in the grounds of St Clement's Hospital by Bovis Homes.

Ribbans Park was developed in the grounds of St Clement's Hospital by Bovis Homes. However, - Credit: Bovis Homes

A housing developer has apologised for ongoing frustrations over a lack of progress to promised facilities and accused by an Ipswich MP of "failing to meet many of their obligations". 

Residents have been calling for issues to be addressed at the St Clement's housing development, in Ipswich, which includes plans for on-site community facilities for those living there. 

Last year, residents also voiced concerns over the lack of street lighting near the Ribbans Park entrance, and the fact that here was no safe path. They also said that antisocial behaviour was an issue in this area. 

The site of the former psychiatric hospital has been turned into Ribbans Park and Belgrove Place 

Tom Hunt, MP for Ipswich, criticised Vistry Group, formerly the Bovis Homes Group, who are responsible for the St Clement’s housing development and brought the matter before the minister for housing on Monday. 

Tom Hunt, MP for Ipswich

Tom Hunt, MP for Ipswich - Credit: House of Commons

Mr Hunt said: “On-site community facilities are vitally important.

"I visited St Clement’s last summer. Sadly, we are no further forward. 

“Foxhall community centre was meant to be brought back into use, and it hasn’t been brought back into use. There are many concerns over littering and lighting.” 

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A spokesperson for Bovis Homes said: “We apologise for the delay and understand and share residents' frustrations.

"We are waiting for key approvals and will continue to liaise with Tom Hunt MP, the borough and county councils, and other partners to ensure any outstanding works are carried out as soon as possible."

The former hospital itself has been turned into 48 homes called Belgrove Place, made up of townhouses, flats and duplex apartments. 

The grounds of the former hospital now has 179 new houses built by Bovis Homes.

Mr Hunt also told the chamber on Monday: “Standing up for residents here is my job. We need greater accountability for these developers, we need to hold them to account."

The Minister for Housing, Stuart Andrew emphasised to Mr Hunt on Monday the importance of “more engagement for communities” to give them “confidence that what has been agreed will actually be delivered.”