'Despicable racism' condemned after letter in post

An Ipswich mum has received a "no migrants" message in the post after she moved into a new home. 

An Ipswich mum has received a "no migrants" message in the post after she moved into a new home. - Credit: Andy Abbott

An Ipswich mum has received a "no migrants" message in the post after she moved into a new home. 

Donna Wilby, who is disabled, was shocked on Sunday when she came home at around 3pm, to discover the note put through her front door in Chantry.  

The note made reference to migrants and claimed council flats are for people who are white, black and British.

Ms Wilby, who is white British, said: "I have lived in Chantry most of my life, it's despicable. It really is. 

"I truly believe these people should be called out and anything like this nipped in the bud."

The 48-year-old managed to secure a home in the Sheldrake Drive area by applying through the social housing property site Gateway To Home Choice. 

She wanted to downsize as most of her children have left home bar her son, who works. 

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"These new houses are a godsend to people like me needing to downsize thus freeing up larger houses for families and I was number one on the list which shows the allocation is fair and based on need, not ethnicity," she added. 

"I am white and British I can only imagine how someone who is not would feel receiving a note like this through the door of their new house and feeling right from the start they are not welcome."

Former Ipswich borough councillor for Sprites Ward, Colin Smart, said: "Not only is this a shocking and offensive thing for anyone to receive - its premise is completely wrong.

"Donna is white British and is local to Ipswich and this just shows there is such ignorance out there when it comes to the allocation of council housing.

"Ipswich Borough Council's policy on council housing is based on need and not on special treatment for any ethnic minority or religious background.

"However misplaced, this was clearly a targeted attack on a minority group and I would expect the police to treat this seriously."

A spokesperson for IBC "condemned such messages"

He added: "The council will not tolerate the posting or distribution of hate materials in our housing stock and we will support the police with any criminal investigation, whilst also considering action we may take as a council.

"We encourage anyone who witnesses or is subject to such abuse to report it to the police.”

A person under immigration control or from abroad, unless Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, cannot get on the housing register unless they meet limited criteria under the Allocation of Housing and Homelessness Act.