Farmland 'years away' from development, says builder

Barrett's Lane, Needham Market

Part of the land at Barrett's Lane, in Needham Market, which has been bought by Jaynic - Credit: Google Maps.

A developer which bought farmland for up to 600 homes does not to expect to start building on the site for at least a decade.

The Jaynic Property Group told Needham Market Town Council it had bought land off Barrett's Lane when there was talk of a new town centre relief road, which could have opened up opportunities for development.

The plans for that road have since been shelved, after failing to win district council support - but Jaynic still owns the nearby land to the west of the town centre.

But managing director Nic Rumsey said the firm has "no plans for developing that land at present" and that it is normal practice for builders to purchase land years in advance.

Jaynic has not even started looking at plans, he added - and only came up with the figure of 600 homes based on the size of the land and the average density of homes in Needham Market.

The news of Jaynic's investment only came to light because the firm felt it should be disclosed when there was a chance the relief road might be built.

Mr Rumsey said: "We have no plans for developing that land at present.

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"It is somewhere we could offer for new homes when a new local plan is drawn up in a few years' time but I would not expect anything to happen for at least 10 years."

Jaynic has also not discussed its landholding with Mid Suffolk District Council.

A spokeswoman for the authority said: "Whilst we don't appear to have had pre-app from Jaynic yet, we continue to encourage all developers to engage with the community ahead of submitted a planning application.

"Then, as the planning authority, we will carefully consider all arguments for and against, as well as advice from statutory experts, the town council and, of course, the local community in reaching a decision."

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