Confusion on numbers prompts deferral on 'mobile' homes decision

Aerial view of Great Bricett Business Park land

Land at Great Bricett Business Park where plans for up to 73 prefabricated bungalows have been lodged - Credit: Google Maps

A decision on plans for dozens of prefabricated bungalows on business park land in Mid Suffolk has been pushed back amid confusion over how many homes will actually be based there.

Birch's Park Homes lodged plans to demolish a series of arched hut-type buildings at Great Bricett Business Park, and sought permission for a change of use of the land to house 73 'mobile' homes of prefabricated bungalows.

But Mid Suffolk District Council's development control committee was left baffled over how many homes would be accommodated as drawings indicated space for only 69 dwellings.

There were also question marks over bus routes in the area, how many visitor car park spaces there would be, the number of two and three bedroom properties and plans to iron out drainage concerns.

Mid Suffolk development control committee chairman Matthew Hicks said tandem parking had proved an i

Mid Suffolk District Council development control committee A chairman Matthew Hicks

Committee chairman Matthew Hicks said: "We have got a plan in front of us showing 69 dwellings, the application is for 73 and there is nowhere before us where you can obviously fit in to get up to that number.

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"I am not comfortable making a decision today when we haven't got all the information before us."

The committee unanimously agreed to defer a decision until more information has come back from developers, although it is not yet clear when that will be.

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Suffolk County Council's floods team had a holding objection in place because detailed designs for surface water drainage had not been submitted, while Great Bricett Parish Council objected for a host of reasons. Those included an "unacceptable increase in traffic" in The Street, overdevelopment, parking and drainage.

Great Bricett Business Park.

There are proposals to site up to 73 mobile homes on land at Great Bricett Business Park. - Credit: Google

While the bungalows are prefabricated, brought onto site in two parts and established on pre-laid concrete pads, the assembly method means they are classed as caravans.

In their application the developers said they "play an important role in delivering housing" and "add to the variety of housing stock" while reducing the impact of the construction period.

The firm said the development would deliver "economic, social and environmental benefits," and added: "Given the location of the park home development to the immediate north, it is considered that a development of single-storey park home units would be more in keeping with its surroundings than the permitted predominantly two-storey bricks and mortar housing development".

The site was granted outline permission for up to 51 dwellings in January 2019. This remains valid but has not yet been taken up.

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