The rare pink grasshopper spotted in Ipswich

This pink grasshopper was spotted in Ipswich. 

This pink grasshopper was spotted in Ipswich. - Credit: Marcus Green

A rare pink grasshopper has been spotted in Ipswich. 

Marcus Green, a young 20-year-old photographer, found the unusual find in the Dales area with his mum.  

He said: "My mother found it to start with and we had a google into it as we hadn’t seen a pink one before, then various information about it online showed it was quite a rare one and not often seen so was quite exciting to see some different wildlife in our back garden.

"As we have various insect houses and birdhouses and feeders, it’s always nice when you see something different."

The vivid pink of this Meadow Grasshopper is caused by a genetic mutation known as erythrism, according to Suffolk Wildlife Trust, which affects the production of pigment.

Pink grasshoppers are much more vulnerable to predation than the ordinary leafy green kinds. 

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