How good is your eyesight? Can you spot what’s hidden in these pictures?

Can you spot the mushroom in the jellyfish?

Can you spot the mushroom in the jellyfish? - Credit: Archant

These optical puzzles will both test you and frustrate you - but have you got a keen eye for detail?

This quiz gives you 45 seconds to find the item in each of the five images.

Whether it’s a caterpillar hidden in a sushi roll, a mushroom in an ocean of jellyfish or a snake among watermelons, this game will test reaction times and perceptive abilities.

Based on the results of 2,000 participants across the UK, Lenstore has outlined what type of person is the best at hidden objects puzzles.

If you’re a woman, you’re more likely to do better than your male counterparts. It took less time, and less attempts, for women to spot the hidden image than men.

The average score for women was 2.33 compared to 1.96 for men. Women also took one less section (21.6seconds), and one less attempt (3.8) than men.

The results also found that the English take the crown as best spotters in the UK with an average score of 2.17 compared to Northern Ireland with 1.71.

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And the older you are, the worse the score, according to the data.

The best results came from those aged 18-24 with an average of 3.06 and the worst was for those aged 65 and above with 1.49.

At the end, you are given an overall score based on how many you got correct out of five.

So, how observant are you, really?

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