How much is a First Class stamp? Guide to sending letters in the UK

The price of stamps has gone up

The price of stamps has gone up - Credit: PA

The cost of a first class stamp went up on March 30. So how do you know which stamp is needed for which sized letter or parcel?

Here is our quick-ref guide to Royal Mail postage.

• As of March 30, First Class stamps cost 63p each in the UK - this is a 1p rise on the previous 62p charged

• Second Class stamps have also gone up by 1p from 53p to 54p

• Regular stamps can be used to post items weighing a maximum of 100g, and measuring no more than 24cm by 16.5cm - slightly larger than A5. Letters must not be more than 5mm thick.

• Larger letters can weigh upto 750g and should measure no more than 35.3cm by 25cm or 2.5cm in depth. This is just slightly larger than A4 and about the depth of a DVD in a case.

• Stamps for large letters cost 95p for First Class, a rise of 2p, and 74p for Second Class, previously 73p

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• Anything over and above the size of a large letter must be sent as a parcel - with those measuring no more than 45cm by 35cm by 16cm being classed as a small parcel. These parcels cannot weigh more than 2kg and Royal Mail suggest you should be able to send a pair of women’s boots, a desk lamp or a winter coat as a small parcel.

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