7 ways to keep spiders out of your home during their autumn mating season

Spiders head inside around this time of the year to mate

Spiders head inside around this time of the year to mate - Credit: Sarah Thompson

Lots of spiders have been spotted in homes across Suffolk as their autumn mating season gets underway - but how you keep them out?

The eight-legged creatures are more noticeable around this time of year as they leave their webs in the hope of reproducing.

They are typically seen first thing in the morning and late at night, when they head inside away from the cold weather to mate.

However, the creepy crawlies are usually harmless and are best left to their own devices.

Last year James Symonds, a warden at the Weeting Heath reserve near Thetford, told this newspaper that these little creatures do far more good than harm and we should try and leave them alone.

He said: "It’s breeding time for spiders right now which is why we are seeing more of them about at the moment – they’ve evolved over the years to live along side us and they take advantage of our living conditions where it’s warm and safe.

"If you find one and can’t tolerate living along side it, use a glass and a piece of paper and put it outside, thought if you don’t mind them living in your house, they are very handy to have around. They are very resilient and can get anywhere and often they are probably in your house and you won’t actually see them.

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“Most spiders don’t live for that long, the males only have one real purpose in life and that’s to mate and then they usually die, the females are the ones that live the full life cycle.”

But if you really can't stand them here are seven ways to keep spiders out of your house:

  • Seal windows and doors. DIY sealants are useful to block any little crevices around doors and windows.
  • Use a vinegar-based deterrent. Spiders hate the smell of vinegar, so cleaning products may send spiders scurrying back where they came from.
  • Keep your house clean. Spiders thrive in the damp and the dark, so keeping a clean house might stop them venturing inside.
  • Let more natural light in. Keeping blinds open could help keep the creatures out. This includes flies and moths, which are attracted to lamps and lights.
Spiders have been spotted in Suffolk homes

Spiders have been spotted in Suffolk homes - Credit: Louise Plummer

  • Eat more oranges. Spiders 'taste' with their legs, and hate the smell of citrus foods. Rubbing citrus on door and window frames could do the trick.
  • Get a humane spider catcher. Spider vacuums will suck up spiders into a long tube to be released at your leisure, without you having to get within striking distance.
  • Clean up outside your home. Leaves, compost heaps and bins will likely attract a few spiders. A cleaner garden could act as a deterrent.