Husband tells of office car crash

SHAKEN driver Xonia Smith is recovering today after her car ploughed through the front window of an Ipswich business.

SHAKEN driver Xonia Smith is recovering today after her car ploughed through the front window of an Ipswich business.

The 80-year-old of Belstead Road, Ipswich crashed into Kelly Services in Queen Street at 1.30pm yesterday sending staff at the recruitment business scattering and lunchtime shoppers jumping out of the way.

Miraculously no-one at the business was injured after the Suzuki Alto she was driving went straight through the window and ended up INSIDE the building.

Her husband, Norman, 83 told of his panic after he heard a huge crunch as she drove away after she had just dropped him off in the town centre.

He said: “We are going to the doctors today for a check up. She has a slight cut on her forehead which she thinks came from glass. She is also shaken, but other than that she is ok.

“It could have been so much worse, it was amazing no one was hurt, there must have been 50 people around at the time.”

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The couple and their son Roland had gone into town yesterday so that Mr Smith could contest a county court case relating to the family's other car, a Mercedes.

Mr Smith and his son got out of the car at the Giles statue and Mrs Smith drove off.

Mr Smith said: “We left my wife to it. She normally drives that car but I don't think she often drives down that part of town. She doesn't drive very much, not more than twice a week.

“We were walking away when there was an enormous crash and crunch. I didn't know what to do, my son rushed across and I hurried after him.

“At first I couldn't see the car but then I realised it was in the shop. Eventually I left my son there and went back to the county court because there was nothing else I could do about it.

“The emergency services were brilliant, they came very quickly.”

Police officers then took Mrs Smith to Ipswich Hospital and brought her back to her home.

The spectacle drew a crowd of dozens of onlookers.

Suzie Farqhason was inside the building when the car came hurtling towards her and her colleagues.

The 33-year-old service manager said: “There were five of us in the branch at the time and I was sitting just inside the entrance. Suddenly there was a loud bang and the next thing I saw was a lady sitting in her car in front of me. She was conscious and seemed to be ok.

“It was pretty nasty but thankfully everyone was fine and I'm hoping we can get the place boarded up and be trading again in the morning.”

Electrician, Kieran Marsh, was working in a building opposite Kelly Services.

He said: “I heard a loud screech and looked up to see the car coming round the corner. People were trying to get out of the way and one man jumped up against our window to avoid being hit.”

Inspector Matthew Rose led the clear up. He said: “The driver had just dropped someone off at the corner and for some reason ended up in there. We were here almost immediately and after making sure everyone was safe, we set about recovering the vehicle and getting traffic moving again.”