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Situated in almost perfect solitude, only a stone's throw from the River Deben, it would be hard to find a more idyllic setting.Sitting on a deck looking across the water at the boats anchored offshore – civilisation seems a distant memory.

Situated in almost perfect solitude, only a stone's throw from the River Deben, it would be hard to find a more idyllic setting.

Sitting on a deck looking across the water at the boats anchored offshore – civilisation seems a distant memory.

But isolation at its most blissful comes at a price –as another Suffolk property bombshell in Suffolk exploding on to the market shows.

This one-bedroom beach hut in Waldringfield has been put up for sale for a record-breaking £60,000.

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It is a repeat of pricing madness last seen in February when a humble fisherman's shack was put on the market for £45,000.

Advertising mogul Charles Saatchi once bought a shed with a view for £75,000 in Whitstable, Kent, in and in 1998 a Felixstowe beach hut was sold for £15,000. Beach huts in Southwold have gone for up to £55,000.

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But beach hut number 29 in Waldringfield must have hidden qualities to have been put on the market for £59,995.

According to its estate agents, it is a run down shack that the buyers will have to invest in to return it to its former glory.

The estate agents Spicer and McColl said that the one bedroom hut with a lounge and kitchenette but no electricity was in a poor condition but that there was planning permission to completely demolish it- only if it is repalced with an identically sized hut.

The owner of the hut, which sits on 35 by 64 foot of land, can only live in it for up to two weeks at a time and so would be ideal for people living in the city, looking for a weekend retreat in a picturesque sailing village.

"Beach huts in Southwold have sold for £55,000 and so this is a property you can sleep in, it is more of a chalet, than a beach hut," said Mark Page of Spicer and McColl.

All lighting, cooking equipment and other necessities will have to be powered by gas canisters.

The property is selling for such an extortionate amount because of the view it has, the area it is in and the distance, 400 yards, from local amenities like the Maybush Inn on Cliff Road.

Mr Page said that it would cost £190,000 for a small cottage in Waldringfield, but with this hut it is much cheaper and has a better view.

The hut is being sold by people who live in London who have owned the hut for 25 years and decided to sell for personal reasons.

Bannister and co, the estate agents on Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, said that a typical beach hut in Felixstowe would be sold for around £600 to £800.

"Any part along the promenade even in Old Felixstowe, that is not an untypical price," he said.

"I can see why they're popular because they're for use all the time, whenever you want, winter or rain," he said. "I just think for £60,000 you can have a lot of holidays.

"£60,000 for a beach hut just seems madness. I think it is alarming really, it is a £300 shed, that is all it is.

Beach hut owners in Felixstowe were also astonished by the hefty price.

Many wondered how such a price could be justified as in Felixstowe, people are restricted from sleeping in the huts due to a by-law.

One hut owner said: "I certainly wouldn't buy it even if I had got lots of money. We don't very often see them up for sale."

But another hut owner near the Bath Tap toilets said: "I think that is marvellous because mine will be worth more then. It is in a prime position.

"I think what it is is people in London coming out for the weekends and it is quite a prestigious thing to have, a beach hut."

Although she believed the huts are no more than glorified sheds she said she uses hers all the time and could cook a five-course meal in it if she wanted to with her gas cooker.

One beach hut nearby to hers had recently been sold for £4,000.

"I don't think I could ever justify it. There are a lot more important things you could spend the money on.

"People who have got them tend to keep them, beach huts are handed down from generation to generation."

Some huts on the promenade near Bath Hill are served with electricity and can be worth more than £4,000 and although the sun-seekers own the beach huts, Suffolk Coastal District Council still charges them £250 each year to have the hut on their land.

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