I hate him for what he did to my mum

IT was left to Sebastian Wronski to break the news of his mother's murder to his family in Poland.

Colin Adwent

IT was left to Sebastian Wronski to break the news of his mother's murder to his family in Poland.

In a tearful phone call to their home in Krakow the 20-year-old relayed the tragedy to his grandfather, grandmother Maria, and his ten-year-old sister Natalia - the daughter of Mrs Lipinska and Lipinski.

Mr Wronski said: “My family were very upset and shocked. We all cried.

“When I told my sister she didn't believe that mum had died. But later she was crying all the time and was upset. She loved mum very, very much.”

Mrs Lipinska had come to England around three-and-a-half years ago in the hope of making herself and her family more comfortable.

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She had left a beauty therapy business she ran with a friend, just outside Krakow, to forge a new life in Ipswich.

The bubbly blonde, who was known as Gosia, worked for Phillips Avent, which makes baby products in Glemsford, near Sudbury. Mr Wronski originally remained at the family home in Krakow, until he completed his education. After graduating he joined his mother around five months ago at her flat Duke Street.

He also worked at Phillips Avent for a while before moving to Primo Manufacturing Ltd at Lady Lane Industrial Estate in Ipswich.

As he copes with his pain, he has little pity for his stepfather, who was married to Mrs Lipinska for 15 years but was estranged at the time of her murder after a history of domestic violence.

He said: “I hate him for what he has done. Maybe he just wanted revenge on my mother and he killed himself because he had lost everything.

“I hate him because he always gave my mum problems and sometimes he hurt her. I didn't like him before mum died because he was horrible to her and he would drink all the time.”

Mr Wronski said will return to Poland with his grandfather while he comes to terms with what has happened. However, he added he may consider coming back to England in the future.

When the family are able to, they plan to take Mrs Lipinska's body back to Poland to be buried in her homeland.