I was back in our Hillman Imp

It's funny how getting my college results always makes me come over all nostalgic but it does. That's why when I sat staring at that sheet of paper the other day I started to reflect on the media studies modules I'd just finished and on some of the great times I'd had.

It's funny how getting my college results always makes me come over all nostalgic but it does.

That's why when I sat staring at that sheet of paper the other day I started to reflect on the media studies modules I'd just finished and on some of the great times I'd had.

Like when I went to a Wizzard concert a couple of months ago.

Not literally of course, as they've been defunct for quite some while, but in my head, and to be honest it was one of the hardest things I've had to do in ages.

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There I was sitting in one of my media classes frantically trying to remember an event that really stood out in my mind while all my fellow students were already busily scribbling away about theirs.

Well, although I count getting married and having children as being mega occasions in my life I didn't think that was exactly what my lecturer wanted. You see, we were in the process of devising a questionnaire and were experimenting to find out which types of questions were likely to provide the fullest answers.

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So the idea was that we pair up with someone else and then ask each other lots of different things about our respective favourite media happenings.

Thus the need for me to put on my extra large thinking cap so I could tunnel back into the mists of time and hopefully come up with something.

Of course I've been to loads of different shows and such like over the years but it's been quite a while since I had a truly mind blowing experience. Which is where Roy Wood and his band come in.

Sitting in that fluorescent lit classroom looking out of the window on a bleak afternoon I eventually found myself transported back to the early 70s, the height of the glam rock era and a concert I went to with my hubby - only he wasn't my hubby then - at the Pier Pavilion - also now defunct (the Pier Pavilion that is, not my hubby) - at Felixstowe.

Well after jotting down a few thoughts I soon felt ready for whatever my fellow student was going to throw at me. But she had to answer my questions first and after hearing all about her fabulous trip to Wembley to see Busted, my offering started to seem pretty tame in comparison.

Even the cup of nearly smooth hot chocolate that I grabbed from a machine in the canteen during a brief interview break didn't do anything to ease the awful sinking feeling I had in the pit of my stomach. I was convinced that nothing I said would sound anywhere near as exciting.

The minute she started firing questions at me though everything changed.

The dull grey sky and all the computer screens around me vanished, and I was back in our little powder blue Hillman Imp with steam pouring inside - the water pipes had perished - heading towards the seaside. Then the door of the hall swung open and as my hubby and I handed over our tickets the music hit me.

There was Roy Wood with his zig-zag painted face, massive beard and massive hair standing in his amazing Technicolor hat, scarf and coat, playing his saxophone for all his worth while all the other musicians in equally colourful garb were leaping around the floor beside him.

For the next ten minutes or so everything she asked drew me further and further in till I wasn't at Suffolk College any more but bopping about on a wooden dance floor to tunes such as 'See my baby jive', 'Angel fingers' and 'I wish it could be Christmas every day'.

By the time all the class got back together to report our findings to each other I was feeling pretty spaced out, I can tell you.

Of course I listened to what the others were talking about and managed to relay a reasonable account of my partner's day out in London, but really I was still firmly stuck in a world of my own.

My heart was pounding as I sat waiting with bated breath to hear her recount what I had said. Not because I thought it would be embarrassingly dull though. Oh no, I was just desperate to re-live the experience!

So GPs are now to have consulting rooms in supermarkets, eh? Personally I think it's a horrendous idea.

The last thing I'd want if I felt ill would be to have to fight my way through loads of shoppers with trolleys.

At the same time if I was one of those shoppers I wouldn't want to have to push my trolley of food past people who are sick.

And the prospect of maybe nipping in for a tub of margarine before having a smear test or something similar doesn't even bear thinking about.

This trend of having different sorts of outlets within shops is of course nothing new though and has already spread to various medical services.

Only the other day I stumbled across a notice outside a certain opticians that was offering hearing as well as sight tests.

Well, I asked myself, I wonder how they go about deciding that you need one.

Do they wait for you to yell out 'What?' when they tell you how much a new pair of specs is going to cost before they drag you off for a quick syringing?

The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if we're soon able to have our eyes tested followed by a pedicure or maybe even a dental extraction.

Now that would certainly give a whole new meaning to having your eye teeth removed.

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