Iceni saved me from Steve Wright’s murder spree

IPSWICH: She believes she would have been Steve Wright’s sixth victim.

A former sex worker is today calling for the drugs rehabilitation charity Iceni to be saved after they plucked her from the streets during the serial killer’s murdering spree, saving her life.

The 32-year-old, who asked not to be named, said the charity must be saved.

“I believe I could have been victim number six by the murderer Steve Wright if it wasn’t for Iceni,” she said. “They got me off the streets and helped me get out of sex work and they even managed to put me up in a bed and breakfast so I wasn’t homeless over that period.

“I totally believe I would be dead by now if it was not for Iceni.”

As the fight to save the award-winning organisation today steps up a gear the former sex worker has told The Evening Star her story.

The Iceni offices in Foundation Street, Ipswich are a haven for addicts battling to get clean.

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The mum-of-two from the Ipswich area, said for ten years her addiction to heroin and crack cocaine dominated her life.

Each moment was driven by a need to score drugs to feed her �500-a-day habit – a habit which forced her on to the streets, selling her body for four years.

But after three of her friends – Gemma Adams, Annette Nicholls and Paula Clennell – became victims of the serial killer Steve Wright, Iceni saved her, she said.

She believes she was the last person to see Miss Adams alive, walking past her on the night she disappeared.

“It could have been me, if I had been walking the way Gemma was, it could have been me who got in his car.”

Putting a roof over her head and feeding her, the team at Iceni dedicated their time to rescuing the girls.

“I don’t do drugs anymore and I definitely don’t do sex work. I am starting my life over again,” she said.

“If Iceni goes other people who could be addicted to drugs now won’t get that same chance.”

Thanks to the charity’s ongoing support she has managed to stay clean for two years. She has also got back in contact with her two children and is volunteering on a regular basis.

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IPSWICH: Co-founder of Iceni, Brian Tobin, is today meeting with senior ministers in a bid to raise awareness of the fight to save the charity.

Along with Ipswich MP Ben Gummer, leader of Ipswich Borough Council Liz Harsant, Evening Star journalist Paul Geater, the Reverend Canon Paul Daltry, former probation worker Cari Pestell and ex-sex worker Sarah Grimwood, he is taking his message to Whitehall.

They are travelling to London to meet charities minister Nick Hurd in a bid to raise awareness about how important the charity is to the people of Ipswich.

Mr Tobin said: “Mr Hurd is responsible for the Big Society and we are an example of what the Big Society should be all about. We will be talking to him about some new funding that has come out for smaller charities facing periods of uncertainty.

“If we can get this funding we can get on with the exciting and innovative work we are so passionate about.”