Incredible audio: UFO tapes shed light on forest mystery

IT is one of Suffolk’s greatest mysteries and has been dubbed the UK’s very own Roswell.

With the 30th anniversary of the Rendlesham Forest “UFO” incident rapidly approaching the time has come to shed new light on the mystery.

There are many theories about what happened close to the former USAF Bentwaters air base in the dead of night just after Christmas in 1980 – everything from aliens landing to lights from Orford lighthouse, to a mishap which was covered up.

But, despite endless speculation, there has never been a definitive answer.

However a series of audio tapes of American servicemen investigating the scene of the alleged “crash site” makes for interesting listening.

The men are clearly puzzled by what they find and refer to “strange” lights in the sky.

They also discover a large clearing where an alien craft may have touched down.

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