Inquest opens into death of baby at Ipswich Hospital

The inquest into the death was held at Suffolk Coroner's Court in Ipswich Picture: ARCHANT

Ayaan Sejpal died at Ipswich Hospital in January 2020 - Credit: Archant

An inquest has begun into the death of a newborn baby at Ipswich Hospital.  

Ayaan Sejpal died on his day of birth, January 11, 2020.  

The court heard that his mother, Twinkal Shah's pregnancy had been a "joyous journey" but that she had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was considered a high risk pregnancy.  

Ms Shah spent two and a half days in labour at Ipswich Hospital and was induced.  

The inquest heard that there had been issues with an epidural given to Ms Shah as well as concerns about a catheter that was not working properly. Although staff told the inquest that this would not have impacted the baby.   

There were no concerns about the baby until shortly before the birth, though Ms Shah developed a fever and an infection.  

Concerns were raised when the baby’s heart rate appeared to drop early in the morning on the day of his birth.  

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It was decided that Ms Shah should give birth.   

The inquest heard that the baby was pale and unwell following its birth with one nurse reporting a very low heart rate.  

Despite resuscitation efforts by the staff at the hospital Ayaan was pronounced dead. 

Ayaan was initially considered a stillborn baby, meaning that he had died before being born. 

The inquest heard that there were still questions being asked as to whether Ayaan's death was neonatal, and occurred after he had been born.

In a statement read to the inquest, the baby's mother Twinkal Shah said that it was still not clear when Ayaan had died, though stillbirth had been written on his death certificate.  

The inquest also heard that the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch, which investigates patient safety concerns, had looked into the case of Ayaan's death. 

Despite his son’s death, during the inquest Abhinav Sejpal, Ayaan's father, praised the efforts of staff at the hospital, describing them as "fantastic". 

Dr Paul Timmons, an obstetrician at Ipswich Hospital, closed his evidence by saying that baby Ayaan had been in the thoughts of staff since his death.  

The inquest is set to continue on Thursday with further evidence from clinical staff among that set to be heard. 

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