Inquiry after lorry sinks into road

ONLOOKERS were taken aback when a lorry began to sink into an Ipswich road.

ONLOOKERS were taken aback when a lorry began to sink into an Ipswich Road.

Residents gathered in Hawke Road as the rear wheel of a truck sunk into the tarmac, leaving a gaping hole.

The gully cleaner, belonging to Ipswich Borough Council, ran into trouble at about 12.30pm yesterday while carrying out regular road maintenance.

Hawke Road resident Jimmy Cronin, 50, had just returned from a doctor's appointment when he saw the lorry leaning precariously to one side.

He said: “I could hear it creaking and thought the driver had lost his axle but then it looked like the sewer had collapsed.

“It hasn't been long since they resurfaced the road.”

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A spokesman for the borough council revealed the council is looking into the root of the problem.

He said: “We have put signage up around the area and will be carrying out an investigation to determine the cause.”

The hole is likely to raise more questions about the state of Ipswich's road surfaces and comes little more than three months after a similar incident in the town.

In April motorists faced disruptions after a hole emerged in the middle of the one way section of Woodbridge Road.

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