Inquiry into police station

FELIXSTOWE: Detectives are today investigating a burglary...after a brazen intruder allegedly broke into their own police station!

All the police officers were out at the time of the incident at the station in High Road West, Felixstowe.

A cleaner found a man sitting at a desk in one of the offices of the building just after 5am yesterday.

It is understood the intruder may have got in through an open window as all doors are security-pad locked and the building is not open to the public at that time of day.

It is believed the cleaner heard a tapping noise and went

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to investigate – though officers say no computer systems have been interfered with.

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A police spokeswoman confirmed that a 22-year-old man had been arrested after being found inside Felixstowe Police Station and has been detained under the mental health act.

“A cleaner discovered the man sitting at a desk in an office just after 5am,” she said.

“He left the building but was arrested a short time later on suspicion of burglary.

“At this stage it appears nothing has been stolen or tampered with but police are investigating exactly what occurred.

“IT staff have already ascertained that none of the constabulary computer systems were accessed.”

The man, who is from the Felixstowe area, was taken to Ipswich Police Station to be interviewed about the incident.

The spokeswoman confirmed the man has now been detained under the mental health act.

Meanwhile, police investigations are continuing into how someone could have got into the police station and which areas of the building could be accessed.

Security is higher in different parts of the police station depending on their use. Some offices are locked, and others are secured by key pads and cannot be opened without PIN numbers.

It is not unusual for the police station to be unmanned at times following recent changes to the force’s operations.

Officers now go to a central base to be briefed before being sent to patrol where there is greatest need or to deal with incidents.

Officers would have been out on patrol but can return to the station at any time if they need to.