Instagram throws the spotlight on Ipswich

I went out with a camera today and this is what I photographed

I went out with a camera today and this is what I photographed - Credit:

Everyday offers a new opportunity for photo-enthusiasts in Ipswich and here we share some of their efforts.

Today's inspiration #Suffolk #landscape #art #photography #share #like

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A peaceful walk on the Waterfront, cheering on the Blues at Portman Road or taking in the countryside surrounding the town - all have inspired Instagram users in Ipswich to get out their phones and snap away.

In daylight

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Back down Portman Road 2-1 Town #football#stadium#fog#cold#win#winter

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(got a slight obsession with Ipswich architecture lol) #ipswich #architecture #stnicholasstreet #tudor

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The photo-sharing site now has 400 million active users and nearly a third of all internet users have an account.

ALL OF THE LIGHTS = Colours in the fog #fog #winter #ipswich #walks #lights

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On an average day, 80 million photos are shared on the site and often images are given a filter, transforming our usual view of landmarks, scenery and every day objects. We love seeing Ipswich in a different light, especially shots from Ipswich Waterfront. The mirrored reflections of the tall tower blocks in the water always make for an eye-catching shot.

We have been sharing our own photos - as well as keeping an eye on yours - you can see ours here.