Family upset as Ipswich student handed multiple parking fines

Mark Burman with the Ipserv parking fines

Emily Burman's father Mark said he is appalled by the fines - Credit: Mark Burman

An Ipswich family has voiced its discontent after a university student was handed three parking fines - for 18 offences.

Screenwriting student Emily Burman, 20, did not receive the smooth transition back to student life that she had hoped for after finding out her university-issued parking permit was no longer valid.

Despite paying an extra £2 daily fee at the machine at the Long Street car park, she was shocked to receive the notices which said she had breached parking regulations a staggering 18 times.

Unbeknown to her, the annual parking permit, which shows she is eligible to park there, had expired during lockdown.

Her father, Mark Burman, said he could not believe it when he heard the news.

"We were shocked," Mr Burman said. "She just didn't know that it had run out, having not been driving in for so long.

"There were 18 breaches on their system - when I spoke to Ipserv they said they would not reduce the fines.

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"They called me back the next day and agreed to reduce the fine to £100. She has paid it now as she just wanted to see the end of it."

Mr Burman added however that he feels it unfair his daughter had to pay any money at all for her honest mistake. 

He said: "In this day and age with the pandemic and everything that students have been put through, I just don't think it is fair.

"She was still paying money into the machine every day, so they've still been making some money."

An Ipserv spokesman confirmed the company - which is the commercial arm of Ipswich Borough Council - had reduced Miss Burman's fine as a gesture of goodwill, however remained clear that she had breached rules by parking without a valid permit.

The spokesman said: "The University of Suffolk requires all users of this car-park to have a valid parking permit.

"If you do not have this permit but still park, even if you purchase a parking stay, you may receive a parking charge notice.

"There are 45 signs at this car park as well as information provided by the University to permit holders that clearly state the need to have a valid permit to  park.

"The responsibility for applying to the university for a parking permit rests with the individual."

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