Ipswich: Aches and strains but it’s no pain, no gain!

ipswich: It’s week two of the bootcamp training and already the participants are feeling fitter and trimmer.

The Evening Star gave away ten free places to take part in a new bootcamp programme run by MB Fitness in Princes Street, Ipswich.

By the end of the four week programme, which involves three training sessions a week and a nutritional plan to follow, you could drop a dress size - just in time for Christmas.

And founder Matt Brennan is so confident of this weight loss that he is offering a money back guarantee.

Matt said: “It’s a tried and tested method, that is why I can offer a money back guarantee.

“I have been researching nutrition for the past three or four months and I followed the programme in September.

“I lost 16 pounds in four weeks, but i did follow the diet immaculately.

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“I used to be the biggest salad dodger and chocoholic around. I am living proof that it really works.”

The training sessions, which last for 45 minutes three times a week, involve various circuit-like training and cardiovascular exercises.

And with a “no pain, no gain” principle, participants certainly feel their achy muscles the next day.

The nutritional plan works by combining certain foods to promote weight loss.

As well as the bootcamp, MB Fitness also has a gym and a variety of fitness classes.

For more information on the training methods involved, visit www.mbfitness.net or e-mail gym@mbfitness.net

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