Ipswich actor to appear in crime show on Sky tonight

Jeffin Kunjumon on the set of Liverpool Narcos

Jeffin Kunjumon on the set of Liverpool Narcos - Credit: Jeffin Kunjumon

An Ipswich actor is tonight due to appear on TV screens as an ex-con turned informant among the cast of a new crime show.

Jeffin Kunjumon will be appearing in a docudrama about a UK city's booming illegal drugs trade during the late 20th century.

Liverpool Narcos is due to air in three parts on Sky Documentaries – following the characters caught up in the emerging trade in heroin, ecstasy and cocaine. 

Jeffin Kunjumon on the set of Liverpool Narcos

Ipswich actor Jeffin Kunjumon (right) with Liverpool Narcos co-star Neil Paul - Credit: Jeffin Kunjumon

Also known as Jeff, the 26-year-old plays Haji, an ex-offender turned informant, working with police to get his sentence reduced.

Mr Kunjumon, who landed the role after getting an audition for the role through his agent, was born in Kerala, India, but moved to Ipswich with his parents as a 10-year-old.

He attended Handford Hall Primary School and St Albans Catholic High School, before progressing to Suffolk New College and studying for a degree in computer science at the University of Kent. 

But his heart was always set on acting – and he chose to change career and follow his dream two years ago.

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"I studied computer science only to make my parents happy," he said. 

"Indian parents typically push their kids to go for white collar jobs for financial security but I was the rebel in the family.

"I loved the art of acting and pursued that path instead. 

"In 2019 I quit my job staring at computer screens to finally pursue my love for acting. Life is too short.

Jeffin Kunjumon on the set of Liverpool Narcos

Jeffin Kunjumon on the set of Liverpool Narcos - Credit: Jeffin Kunjumon

"Acting is not easy, and involves a lot of rejections. To put things into context, statistics dictate it generally takes between 150 and 200 auditions to book a job.

"Although the industry I’m in involves a lot of rejection, I cannot see myself doing anything else. 

"My life consists of auditions, after auditions, after auditions, and obviously constant training in the background. 

"Let’s see where this journey takes me. My dream is to be the first South Indian actor to win an Oscar. Dreaming is free right? So I keep dreaming."

Mr Kunjumon's next upcoming project is a feature length film called The Proof, directed by Chey Loran for Lost Lion Film Studios, in which he will be playing lead antagonist, Nate. 

Shooting starts at the end of this year and people can stay up to date with his work by following @jeffkunjumon on Instagram.