Ipswich: Administration disputes claims of lack of consultation

Carole Jones

Carole Jones - Credit: Archant

Labour-run Ipswich council has dismissed claims by opposition Conservatives that they have not been given enough of a say on the masterplan for the northern fringe of the town.

Executive member for planning and economic development Carole Jones said there had been years of consultation on the proposals, which had been under way since Labour regained control of the borough in 2011.

She said: “We cannot adopt every proposal that is put to us because many people have conflicting views and want very different things.

“However every comment is noted and has been considered.

“I do not recall seeing a detailed letter from Mr Gummer in 2011. If it had arrived I am sure I would have dealt with it – he is the MP for Ipswich and his views are very important to consider.”

Ms Jones said it was vital to get the masterplan adopted to give the council a framework against which to consider planning applications for the northern fringe of the town.

Mersea Homes has already submitted an application to build the first 800 homes of the 3,500-home community and that would have to be judged against the adopted masterplan.

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And she pointed out that a government’s Homes and Communities Agency had praised the level of consultation undertaken by the borough before bringing the masterplan for approval.

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