Ipswich: An expensive death – the town is one of the costliest for burials outside the capital.

IPSWICH: Ipswich is one of the most expensive places to die outside London, the Evening Star can reveal.

Thanks to huge rises in the cost of burial, Ipswich residents can now expect to pay a whopping �2,785 for a single adult burial, a rise of 36 per cent in the last two years.

The rise makes Ipswich one of the most expensive places to bury the dead outside the capital. The revelation has caused outrage among public spending watchdog groups.

Charlotte Linacre, campaign manager at the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: “The massive hike in burial charges is a disgrace, a shameless attempt to boost council coffers.

“These councils should be cutting their spending, not sneakily putting up the cost of dying and trying to squeeze more money out of grieving families. This stealth tax on the dead is unfair and shows that bureaucrats at Ipswich Borough Council have resorted to shocking tactics to keep the money rolling in rather than change their wasteful spending habits.”

As reported by the Evening Star in February, Ipswich Borough Council justified the rise by claiming it brought the council in line with other operators in the industry.

Large discounts which were previously available to Ipswich residents were removed in January leaving everyone to pay the same fee. Non residents, however, have seen fees rise by less than 3pc.

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Speaking at the time a council spokesman said: “We have moved into line with others in the industry and our charges better reflect those made by smaller operators.”

Latest figures show that burials in the capital can cost more than �4,000 with the borough of Lambeth taking the top spot at �4,950.

Outside London, Ipswich is closely followed by Eastleigh which charges �2,476 and Elmbridge at �2,454.

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