Ipswich anti-authority rebel Brett Cayzer threatened police officers

Brett Cayzer

Brett Cayzer - Credit: Archant

A 53-year-old Ipswich man who rebels against authority figures has been given a curfew after threatening police officers.

Brett Cayzer

Brett Cayzer - Credit: Archant

Brett Cayzer, of Foundation Street, was sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court after admitting threatening behaviour

Cayzer, who has committed more than 60 offences dating back to 1973 when he was aged 10 or 11, swore at a female officer and told her he would throw her down a flight of stairs.

Subsequently he swore, threatened and abused a male officer making reference to his colour.

Police were called to the flats where Cayzer on an unrelated matter which transpired to be a misunderstanding.

Sentencing Cayzer Judge David Goodin told him: “These are ugly offences because police officers - even though on analysis it may be they had been misinformed about the true position - they were acting in accordance with their duty to investigate it and deserve much better from you than they got.

“However, it would not be fair not to acknowledge that you had not been guilty on any crime warranting an arrest or questioning. You have a bad record of inability to respond well to authority.”

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Cayzer, who has issues with alcohol, was said by his counsel Jo Eley not to have been drinking excessively on the day of the offences – August 28 last year.

Ms Eley added: “At the time he felt police were heavy-handed and accepts he was verbally abusive. He does have an issue with authority figures.”

The court heard Cayzer sustained two broken ribs as he tried to resist arrest.

Previously prosecutor Catherine Bradshaw said two female officers had been the first to approach Cayzer, who swore at them and threatened to throw one down the stairs.

Two male officers tried to calm him down but he continued to be abusive and tried to resist being restrained.

At Martlesham police investigation centre Cayzer made derogatory remarks about a male Pc’s colour.

Cayzer was sentenced to a 12-week curfew from 9pm to 7am. He was also ordered to pay £150 towards prosecution costs and £60 to the victims’ fund.