Ipswich: Barking up the wrong tree?

Tree damage in Alexandra park that looks like a dog

Tree damage in Alexandra park that looks like a dog - Credit: Archant

Council workers busily clearing fallen trees from the town’s parks have come across an unusual find.

They stumbled upon this fallen oak in Alexander Park and noticed that the root ball resembles a spaniel - bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘barking up the wrong tree’.

This mighty oak was a victim of St Jude’s storm, and is one of many trees that need to cleared from the parks before they can be reopened to the public.

The clean-up is a long process, because even the trees which withstood the storm must be assessed for damage and the likelihood of causing future injury.

Although most parks in Ipswich are now open to the public, Alexandra Park and Holywells Park are not due to open until early next week.

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