Ipswich: Big day nears for Anglians as they prepare for homecoming

Tomorrow they’re getting their medals after their latest campaign in Afghanistan – but many members of the Royal Anglians will be already looking forward to next week’s parades through their home towns.

A week of commemorations kicks off with a homecoming march through Ipswich on Monday – and we want you to send your messages of goodwill to our troops.

Members of the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglians (The Vikings) will be taking part in the homecoming march at lunchtime on Monday, giving the people of Ipswich the chance to show just how much their efforts in Afghanistan have been appreciated.

The Battalion recruits in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, and Cambridgeshire so next week’s homecoming events will give friends and families of the troops the opportunity to welcome them back after their fourth tour since troops were sent to Afghanistan in 2001.

This should be their last full tour to that country – all British combat troops are due to be withdrawn from the country by 2014.

About 260 troops will be taking part in the parade – 230 combat soldiers and the 30-piece military band.

It will be followed by a civic reception at the Town Hall – with drinks provided by Suffolk brewer Greene King.

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Next week is the second of two weeks of ceremonial events which are sandwiched between two periods of leave.

The troops will have a month off from early December giving them a chance to spend Christmas and the new year with their families or friends.

Show your support for the Vikings. Click the link on this page to leave your message for them as they prepare for their homecoming parade.