Huge safety fence to stop children and dogs running onto Ipswich BMX track

Ipswich BMX Club riders take a lap of the track before the revamp

Ipswich BMX Club would like to build safety fencing around its new Landseer Park track - Credit: Denise Bradley

A vital £32,000 safety fence looks set to be built around Ipswich's new BMX track - to stop dogs and children potentially running onto the circuit during races.

Ipswich BMX Club has applied for £5,000 of funding from Ipswich Borough Council to help cover the cost of the fencing around the track it is building at Landseer Park.

The club is currently revamping the previous "tired" facilities which it had used for 41 years, raising £300,000 for a new track which it hopes will be the envy of the country's BMX community.

The club spent two years fundraising to help make the build a reality

An artist's impression of what the new BMX track will look like - Credit: Clark & Kent/Ipswich BMX Club

But there are fears that without safety fencing around the site, children or dogs could run into the face of racers travelling at high speeds - putting people in danger.

In an application to Ipswich Borough Council's south east area committee for £5,000 of funding, Ipswich BMX Club said: "Having a dog run on the track when you have speeding bikes racing on the track or a young child, it is not going to end well."

The club has already secured £10,000 from British Cycling for the fencing and will use £5,000 from its own funds.

The total project costs are £32,500, with the club saying it will fundraise to cover the balance.

The BMX track in Landseer Park has been fenced off ahead of the works

BMX riders hope to benefit from some of the best facilities in the country - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Club secretary Tracey Reeve added in the application: "Without the safety fencing it leaves people vulnerable

"We would like to know that the riders and spectators are kept safe.

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"We want to keep everyone safe and a safety fence does just this."

The fencing will not prevent community access to the track, as people will be able to leave and enter at a number of different access points.

"A safety fence has been proven at BMX tracks around the UK to be an important part of the track," the club said.

"It gives everyone enjoyment without the constant concern of what might happen if it is not in place."

The current BMX track in Landseer Park, Ipswich

The original BMX facilities at Landseer Park were built in the 1980s - Credit: Jason Noble

Ipswich BMX Club believes the new circuit help to create a new generation of stars in the Olympic sport and put Ipswich on the map.

To donate to Ipswich BMX Club, visit its GoFundMe page.