Tenant evicted in anti-social behaviour clampdown

Magistrates Court, Ipswich. Picture: ARCHANT

Magistrates Court, Ipswich. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: ARCHANT

Two houses on the same street are under closure orders in Ipswich after council and police workers took an unprecedented move to prevent anti-social behaviour and drug activity.

Grebe Close where houses have received closure orders. Picture: GOOGLE

Grebe Close where houses have received closure orders. Picture: GOOGLE - Credit: Archant

The two properties, in Grebe Close, Chantry, were put under measures during two hearings at Suffolk Magistrates’ Court to prevent activities that were disturbing residents.

One of the houses, number 49, has seen the resident evicted in a full closure order and the other, number 27, has seen a ban on any visitors except from emergency services and borough council workers in a partial closure order.

If breached, it could see the resident serve up to six months in prison.

Number 49 had been of previous interest to police after a stabbing the took place on August 13 this year.

The property had been placed under a different closure order for 48 hours while the police investigated the crime.

However, the new closure order is for three months, after which work will be done to the building and it will be re-rented.

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Councillor Alasdair Ross, portfolio holder for public protection at Ipswich Borough Council, said: “We are very pleased with the outcome of this case which shows that we will not tolerate this sort of behaviour and that residents can be confident that we are on their side.

“We worked closely with the police to reach a situation where we could come to court and demonstrate to magistrates what residents have been suffering.

“One house will be boarded up immediately and the tenant evicted. The other tenant cannot allow visitors into her property.

“The partial closure order lasts for three months and will be closely monitored. Any breach to these conditions would be a criminal offence.”

In relation to number 49, there had been several complaints from residents about disturbances from the address as well as criminal charges in relation to the property.

The prosecution’s case was unopposed and the magistrates took little time to enforce the closure.

A police officer and a council worker were called to give evidence at the court.

A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman said: “By working closely with our partner agencies on closure orders, we look to achieve positive outcomes which will help to improve the quality of life for local residents.”