Ipswich Borough Council candidates announced ahead of local elections on May 7

Grafton House, the home of Ipswich Borough Council in Russell Road

Grafton House, the home of Ipswich Borough Council in Russell Road - Credit: Archant

The candidates contesting the seats up for graps in the Ipswich Borough Council elections on May 7, 2015 are listed below.

Alexandra: Jane Riley(Lab), Jose Esteves(C), Ken Toye (LD), Barry Broom (G)

Bixley: Paul Anderson(Lab), Richard Pope (C), Martin Hore (LD), Pippa Gordon (UKIP), James White (G).

Bridge: Phil Smart (Lab*), Katherine Parkinson (C), Ben Harvey (LD), Alan Boswell (UKIP), Eric Nelson (G).

Castle Hill: Annabel Mednick (Lab), David Goldsmith (C)*, Oliver Holmes (LD), Wilfred Arasaratnam (UKIP), Liz Smith (G).

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Gainsborough: Martin Cook (Lab*), Carol Debman (C), John Beard (UKIP), Ben Magrath (G).

Gipping: Peter Gardiner(Lab*), Kevin Algar(C), Stuart McHardy (LD), Tony Gould (UKIP), Shaun McDonald (G).

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Holywells: Howard Needham(Lab), Liz Harsant (C*), Tim Lockington (LD), Mark Dobrazanski (UKIP), Thomas Wilmot (G).

Priory Heath: Bill Knowles(Lab*), Andy Shannon (C), Matthew Baker (LD), Michael Chelk (UKIP), Andrew Iredale (G).

Rushmere: Tracy Grant(Lab*), Stephen Ion(C), Nick Jacob (LD), Rick Kerry (UKIP), Maxwell Phillips (G).

St Johns (two seats): Shelly Darwin(Lab), Neil Macdonald(Lab*), Mark Felix-Thomas(C), Kingsley Garrett(C), Robin Whitmore (LD), Jo Grant (UKIP), Ned Harrison (G).

St Margaret’s: Steven Reynolds (Lab), Lee Reynolds(C), Cathy French (LD), Kirsty Wilmot (G).

Sprites(two seats): Roger Fern (Lab*), Colin Smart(Lab), Michael Bailey(C), Bob Hall (C), Richard Dighton (LD), Alan Cotterell (UKIP), Maria Harrison (G).

Stoke Park: Barry Studd(Lab*), Robin Hyde Chambers(C), Colin Boyd (LD), Sally Broom (G)

Westgate: Julian Gibbs(Lab*), Steve Flood(C), Malcolm Mitchell (LD), Mark Schueler (UKIP), John Mann (G), Anna Matthews (Suffolk Together).

Whitehouse: Martin Goonan(Lab*), David Heffer (C), Moira Kleissner (LD), Eric Pearl (UKIP), Kate Struthers (G).

Whitton: Stephen Connelly(Lab*), Erion Xhaferaj (C), Julie Fletcher (LD).

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