Ipswich: Brave Kaylen loses his sight in battle against brain tumour

IPSWICH: Doctors have told the father of a five-year-old fighting a brain tumour that the disease has cost his son his sight.

Little Kaylen O’Connor was transferred from Addenbrooke’s Hospital to Ipswich Hospital in Heath Road last night so he could be closer to his family after a series of operations.

The Whitton Community Primary School pupil was rushed to the Cambridgeshire hospital at the beginning of February after an eye test.

A subsequent brain scan revealed the devastating diagnosis.

Dad Derek, 62, said doctors have now confirmed Kaylen has lost his sight.

“It is devastating but at least we still have him with us,” he said.

“I think the poor little thing is in denial. He keeps telling us and the doctors he can see everything.

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“But they have done the tests and he is blind.”

Mr O’Connor told the Star his son started having excruciating headaches in early December.

Noticing his son was struggling to see everyday items in front of him, Mr O’Connor took Kaylen for an eye test.

The optician immediately referred the youngster for a brain scan, after spotting there was swelling causing pressure on Kaylen’s optic nerves.

At Addenbrooke’s doctors spent around eight-and-a-half hours in the operating theatre attempting to remove the tumour which had wrapped itself around the five-year-old’s optic nerve. They managed to remove half.

Mr O’Connor said his family are “relieved” Kaylen has been transferred back to Ipswich Hospital to continue treatment.

“We are so pleased he is coming closer to home,” added the father, from Shakespeare Road.

“While he has been in Addenbrooke’s he hasn’t been able to have visits from many people.

“Now he will be closer to home and will get lots more visitors, it will be really good for him.”

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