Ipswich: Brave little Stevie wows the judges

IPSWICH: Little Stevie Farrow has been busy celebrating after a moment of joy which his family never thought would come.

The five-year-old has a generic disorder that has left him totally blind and can also affect his heart, his muscle strength and his balance.

Doctors feared that he may never walk but Stevie, of Kitchener Road, Ipswich, found his feet in his own time and now he has gone one step further after entering a ballroom contest.

His mum, Stephanie, told The Evening Star of her pride after watching her son dance in a competition held at Rushmere Cricket and Sports Club last weekend.

“He is fantastic and an inspiration,” said Mrs Farrow.

“To see him competing against normal kids and doing so well in competitions is amazing.

“He performed the waltz and got a trophy so he was very, very happy.

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“It went incredibly well and he came third. The whole family is just so proud of him.”

She said that during the competition none of the judges were made aware of Stevie’s disorder because she didn’t want him to get the sympathy vote.

The talented youngster has been learning to dance with Sam Button of the Ipswich School of Dance, based in Bond Street, on a one-to-one basis.

“She holds him and guides him through the movements, said Mrs Farrow.

“We are so grateful because she didn’t hesitate to teach him, even though she had to teach him in a completely new way.”

Stevie is now busy preparing for his next dance competition in March.

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