Ipswich: Camille’s charity to help fund service for children

CHILDREN recovering from brain tumours are set to benefit from a new service thanks to a charity.

The Camille’s Appeal, set up in August 2009 by Hayley and Martin Shave of Purdis Farm, Ipswich, has signed a contract with Addenbrooke’s Hospital to help finance a service which could revolutionise the rehabilitation of children recovering from cancer.

The service, which should open its doors this summer, will allow children from across East Anglia to have the support and guidance of a specialist rehabilitation unit.

The charity has signed up to donate �125,000 to help fund the service after countless fundraising events and activities helped to raise the cash.

Sarah Richards, chief executive of the charity, said: “The Camille’s Appeal has always been hoping to have an impact on the way children are rehabilitated following brain tumours. In some ways that care can be quite disjointed, and brain tumours and the treatment for them can have lasting effects on children.

“We joined up with two other charities, Anna’s Hope which is based in Lincolnshire, and Toms Trust in Cambridgeshire. All three charities are helping to fund this. Together we are helping to fund a rehabilitation for children at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and a contract has been signed now.

“It is all very exciting and it’s great to be able to tell people the news at the start of the year. We are hoping that the service will be up and running by summer.

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“We [the charity] are now excited about continuing to raise as much money as possible so that we can ensure this service can continue for many years.

“The money donated so far won’t last forever so we want to make sure it can keep helping children and then also look at maybe one day extending the service to other parts of the country.”

The Camille’s Appeal was set up in the name of Camille Shave who was diagnosed by with a brain tumour at the age of two. Three years on Camille is cancer free.

The charity has raised thousands of pounds to help children recovering from brain tumours

Ms Richards thanked everyone who has donated to the charity for their continued support.

For more information visit www.camillesappeal.co.uk

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