Home carer fights to keep 'gentle giant' Ruby alive

Lucy Sparrow is fundraising for Ruby

Lucy Sparrow is fundraising for Ruby - Credit: Lucy Sparrow

An Ipswich home carer is fighting to pay the £400 needed monthly for vet bills. 

Lucy Sparrow was told that gentle giant, Ruby, has diabetes after the Doberman had a urine tract infection last week.

But due to Ms Sparrow's limited funds from her home caring allowance, she is struggling to pay the cost of insulin injections and blood tests. 

A dog in a wood with flowers

Money is being raised in Ipswich for Ruby the Doberman - Credit: Lucy Sparrow

The 27-year-old said: "Ruby loves her long walks every day and she is a very happy, loving, and cuddly girl.

"The vets have told us that we should consider having her put to sleep because it’s going to be very expensive treating her.

"It's going to be a real struggle but I think if we skimp a bit we can keep her."


Ruby has diabetes - Credit: Lucy Sparrow

Ms Sparrow's mum, who is medically retired from Axa Insurance due to a degenerative spinal illness, hopes to celebrate Ruby's 12 birthday on April 16.

You can donate to help Ruby and her family here.

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