Ipswich: Cat fight on girls’ night left woman with bald spot, court told

Kimberley Carter

Kimberley Carter - Credit: Archant

A CAT fight on a girls’ night led to a woman being left with a bald spot after two sisters pulled out a clump of her hair, a court heard.

Ipswich Crown Court was told the assault on a coach during a 21st birthday jaunt to London left Sophia England with a bald spot measuring eight centimetres by two-and-a-half centimetres.

Naomi Carter, 29, of Cardigan Street, Ipswich, admitted actual bodily harm on January 22 last year before her trial was due to begin yesterday.

However, her sister Kimberley, of Cedars Lane, Capel St Mary, denied the same charge.

Opening the 25-year-old’s trial, prosecutor David Wilson told the jury: “This was a night out in London with a return journey with a violent twist.

Miss England was part of a group of around 15 women who had booked to go to a West End nightclub on a small coach for a 21st birthday celebration.

The Carter sisters were also among the party.

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The coach left Ipswich and arrived in London around 10pm on January 21.

However, when the women arrived at the nightclub there was a queue to get in and the time limit for entry was running out.

Mr Wilson said there was some squabbling in the group as people began pushing to get in.

Miss England was pushed into Kimberley Carter who took exception to being jostled.

Kimberley Carter was said to have told Miss England “in no uncertain terms” that she had a bad attitude.

The party ended up not being able to get into the club despite paying up front for the night out.

Although they went to another nightspot, an atmosphere remained between Miss England and Kimberley Carter, the court heard.

Miss England and her friends went back to the coach at around 1.30am and sat towards the back.

The remainder of the party including the Carters were due to get back around 3am.

The court was told after the Carters returned they began abusing Miss England and her friends.

When Miss England told Naomi Carter to go back to the front of the coach, Kimberley Carter was alleged to have become involved.

Giving evidence, Miss England said Kimberley Carter grabbed her hair with both hands before Naomi Carter began pulling her hair as well.

The jury were told the Carters were yanking Miss England’s head back and forth.

Miss England said: “It was agony. I couldn’t get them off my hair.”

The incident ended when the male organiser of the evening, who was on board the coach, managed to intervene and break the alleged assault up.

The case continues.