Ipswich: Cat killer fear as more than 100 adored pets reported missing

One of the cats reported missing.

One of the cats reported missing. - Credit: Archant

Cat owners fear for the safety of their pets after more than 100 were reported missing in Ipswich.

Another of the missing cats.

Another of the missing cats. - Credit: Archant

The mass disappearances coupled with cruel stories of torture have prompted pet owners to keep their cats on lockdown.

Deni Parkes, who started the Facebook group “Ipswich Missing Cats” last week, has already received 108 reports of disappearances – the majority of which happened in the past month.

“It seems incredible that so many cats could simply disappear,” she said. “Most pet owners in Ipswich are so scared that they don’t want to let their cats outside.

“Personally, I’m very worried, not just about where they are going but what’s happening to them because I believe someone is harming them and whoever is doing this needs to get some psychiatric help.”

Buttons the cat has not be seen for some time.

Buttons the cat has not be seen for some time. - Credit: Archant

The site has been inundated by stories of pets vanishing without a trace, others being found dead and buried, and evidence of torture among some of those returning.

One pet owner, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of further attacks, said one of her cats had suffered a catalogue of cruel injuries after disappearing on Sunday evening.

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“When he came back he was limping, he was covered in faeces and he was absolutely terrified,” she said.

“His whiskers had been burned, there was a large chunk of fur that seemed to have been ripped out and when I took him to the vets they said it looked like he had been kicked around like a football.

“I think this needs to be taken very seriously.

“I appreciate it’s only cats but the people who are doing these sorts of things must be utterly deranged and it could be the start of something else.”

Mrs Parkes said other group members had been forced to put their cat down after returning with serious injuries.

“There must be someone who knows what’s going on,” she added.

“We just want to find a solution.”

Ipswich mayor Bill Quinton met news of the mass disappearance with concern.

“I share the devastation any cat owner feels when their much-loved pet goes missing or is injured or killed,” he said

“I hope there is no pattern behind this – certainly, we have not experienced any increase in reports to the council, but people who are worried should contact the RSPCA or Ipswich Cats Protection, who both do excellent work.”

The RSPCA expressed its sympathies to the pet owners “as it must be really upsetting to lose their cats in this way”.

“We urge anyone with any evidence of animal welfare offences to call us on 0300 1234 999 and we will do our best to investigate them,” the spokesman added.