Ipswich Central to re-examine its work

BOSSES of companies in the heart of Ipswich are to look again at the way the town attracts business as the recession bites.

BOSSES of companies in the heart of Ipswich are to look again at the way the town attracts business as the recession bites.

Ipswich Central, the company set up to boost the town, has now reached the end of its second year of operation and held a special meeting to decide what should happen next.

Paul Clement, Executive Director of Ipswich Central, said: “It would be very easy for an organisation like ours, representing the widest range of businesses imaginable, to simply stick to original plans.

“However, given the changing nature of the town centre and the economic climate, it is imperative that we continue to ensure that every penny that we have available is spent in accordance with the priorities of our business stakeholders.”

More than 50 stakeholders who pay a levy to Ipswich Central to make improvements to the town centre reported their honest views on all aspects of the performance of the business so far.

Ipswich Central Chairman William Coe said: “This process is all about stakeholders themselves deciding where the money should be directed.

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“There is some flexibility in how the budget is spent and we want to listen to genuine feedback to help guide our business plan going forward. We are at a critical stage in helping shape the future of Ipswich town centre.”

Ideas and views were presented on how Ipswich stands up on issues such as cleanliness, safety, events, how the town looks, car parking and the Street Rangers.

Two key businesses in the town gave their forthright views.

Garry Easter, store manager of Marks and Spencer, said: “I am delighted to contribute to be actively involved with Ipswich Central and this process. I think it is fantastic and Ipswich Central will continue to make a real difference to the feel of out town.”

Vicki Chapman from Willis added: “I have lived in Ipswich all my life and feel passionately about the town. I do think that Ipswich Central is making an impact - the Street Rangers are an excellent initiative.”

Ipswich Central will now analyse all stakeholder recommendations and weigh up the practicalities and budgetry considerations before the business plan for the next phase is agreed.

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