Ipswich: Changes at Ipswich Hospital blamed for fall in staff morale

ipswich: A tide of “significant change” at Ipswich Hospital is today being pinpointed as the reason for low morale at the trust.

A new staff survey carried out by the Department of Health has revealed the hospital is among the bottom 20 per cent of acute trusts in the UK when it comes to staff recommending the trust as a place to work or receive treatment.

Of the 478 members of staff who completed the questionaire the average rating in the category, between one (unlikely to recommend) and five (likely to recommend), the trust scored 3.25, below the national average of 3.50.

Dr Rob Mallinson, a consultant in acute medicine and one of the hospital’s most senior doctors, said bosses at the trust carry out regular internal surveys to ensure they are kept up-to-date with staff opinion and morale.

He said: “The staff recommendation score is disappointing and we are already talking to staff about improvements.

“These findings are against a backdrop of significant change which we recognise can be unsettling for staff and it is the only key area where we deteriorated since the last report.”

Last year the hospital announced around 150 jobs would have to go as part of plans to help balance the books at the debt-ridden trust.

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The survey also revealed the trust comes in the top 20pc of acute trusts for effective team working, staff feeling valued by colleagues and staff feeling their role makes a difference to patients.

Dr Mallinson added: “On the flip side, we are pleased to see positive scores in many areas.

“We work hard on staff engagement and encouraging all colleagues to get involved in change.”

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