Ipswich: Charities hoping for rise in volunteers following the Olympics

CHARITIES are urging the 70,000 Olympic Games Makers to carry on volunteering in the local community.

The idea is being promoted by the WRVS, which is trying to increase applications throughout 2013 – the charity’s 75th anniversary.

WRVS’s current average age of volunteer is 64 and the charity is keen to increase the number of young volunteers.

Verity Haines, WRVS executive director of marketing & engagement, said: “The Olympic Games Makers deserve much praise. Their dedication and support has been instrumental in making the Games a success and they are testimony to the difference volunteering can make.

“We would ask all of the Games Makers to consider continuing to dedicate some of their free time to volunteering and to join WRVS. They would be playing a vital role helping older people live independently in their own homes for longer.”

Anyone who is interested should call the WRVS on 0845 6014670 or go to www.wrvs.org.uk